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Little horn, is a variation of the French croissant. These are offered on special occasions or when Enrico is inspired to make them.


Small loaves of bread baked with a topping of olive oil and garlic. Topped with parmesan and red pepper flakes after baked.

Pepperoni Rolls

Our pizza dough filled with pepperoni and mozzarella made into a roll that makes the perfect snack

Rustic Italian Bread

Traditional Italian bread made in our wood-fired brick oven.

Chocolate Babka

A classic Eastern European brioche dough filled with chocolate


A flat oven-baked Italian bread. Often topped with herbs, garlic, tomatoes or other fresh ingredients.


An Italian sweet bread filled with cranberries and golden raisins.

Easter Bread

Traditional Italian sweet bread.


Dense Almond: A traditional Italian wedding cake featuring a sweet yellow crumb laced with almond paste and topped with confectioners sugar

Chocolate Oblivion: Simple and delicious – our signature flourless chocolate cake!

Chocolate Whiskey Bundt: Rich coffee and chocolate flavor, with a hint of tasty bourbon

Crumb Cake: Great for breakfast, brunch or dessert! Made with fresh berries or whatever’s in season, then topped with a delectable crumb

Caramel Cornmeal Cranberry Upside Down:  Cornmeal cake with a caramel covered in fresh cranberries and hazelnuts

Crushed Hazelnut Ricotta:  A not-too-sweet ricotta cake laced with crushed brown skin hazelnuts, topped with Guittard semisweet chocolate

Strawberry & Cream:  Light yellow cake, layered with fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries

New York Cheesecake:  Big ol’ cheesecake with a buttery, crushed biscotti crust


Ricotta:  Sweetened ricotta filling  atop Pasta Frolla crust – the Italian cheesecake

Raspberry:  Fresh raspberries on a buttery crust, latticed and lovely

Pecan:  Rich blend of pecans, molasses and brown sugar on Pasta Frolla

Lemon Curd: Our insanely wonderful lemon curd on Pasta Frolla.

Torta Rustica:  Flaky crust filled with egg, sausage, ham, capicollo, pepperoni, mascarpone & mozzarella. (Vegetarian options available on request)

Tomato:  Sliced grape tomato, ricotta/parmesan filling, fresh basil – all on top our flaky torta crust

Mushroom:  Sauteed mushrooms and garlic, tossed with fresh parmesan cheese and baked into a pie – so good


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