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Dense Almond: A traditional Italian wedding cake featuring a sweet yellow crumb laced with almond paste and topped with confectioners sugar

Chocolate Oblivion: Simple and delicious – our signature flourless chocolate cake!

Chocolate Whiskey Bundt: Rich coffee and chocolate flavor, with a hint of tasty bourbon

Crumb Cake: Great for breakfast, brunch or dessert! Made with fresh berries or whatever’s in season, then topped with a delectable crumb

Caramel Cornmeal Cranberry Upside Down:  Cornmeal cake with a caramel covered in fresh cranberries and hazelnuts

Crushed Hazelnut Ricotta:  A not-too-sweet ricotta cake laced with crushed brown skin hazelnuts, topped with Guittard semisweet chocolate

Strawberry & Cream:  Light yellow cake, layered with fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries

New York Cheesecake:  Big ol’ cheesecake with a buttery, crushed biscotti crust


Ricotta:  Sweetened ricotta filling  atop Pasta Frolla crust – the Italian cheesecake

Raspberry:  Fresh raspberries on a buttery crust, latticed and lovely

Pecan:  Rich blend of pecans, molasses and brown sugar on Pasta Frolla

Lemon Curd: Our insanely wonderful lemon curd on Pasta Frolla.

Torta Rustica:  Flaky crust filled with egg, sausage, ham, capicollo, pepperoni, mascarpone & mozzarella. (Vegetarian options available on request)

Tomato:  Sliced grape tomato, ricotta/parmesan filling, fresh basil – all on top our flaky torta crust

Mushroom:  Sauteed mushrooms and garlic, tossed with fresh parmesan cheese and baked into a pie – so good



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